No Cat NEEDS A Sushi Costume


I’m so invested in marketing that I’m willing to say this is the understatement of the year. Now I know what you’re thinking; “Wow Angelica, big deal it’s not that bold of a statement.” BUT IT IS, because we’re only 31 days into the year and I just know that this is the most understated thing I’ll tell you all year.

That being said, I’ve been called dramatic once or twice before.

Marketing is my life. I went to school for marketing, I’m currently a marketing manager for an events production company, and I’m pretty big into shopping which is essentially just the other side of marketing.

Marketing is brainwashing in its purest and most deceitful form. If done well, you’ll never even realize it’s happening, you’ll just know in the core of your being, that you NEED that Halloween sushi costume for your cat.

Now, speaking as someone who totally did buy that exact sushi costume for my own cat, let me be the first to make this clear, NO CAT NEEDS A SUSHI COSTUME. Your cat will just hate you more than it probably already does, because let’s face it, no cat actually loves anything.

But I digress; in this blog, I will analyze the marketing I encounter my life and then give you updates on whether or not the products I use live up to their promises. I’ll discuss beauty selections, workout plans, dinner choices, travel destinations, and more.

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