Skincare Junkie – MUA Wannabe

Beauty is a huge passion of mine because I’m vain and we live in a society that promotes youth and beauty in women above all things. Men age gracefully and become “distinguished” or “silver foxes” but when women age, they are asked why they have “given up.” It is what it is, nothing to cry about unless you’re a girl…oh wait.

That being said, you can fix that worn out face of yours with a quick 30-45 minute skincare routine, a pound of makeup, and only half of your paycheck at Sephora every week. Easy peasy.

Once in a while when I reflect on my days, it seems silly to spend so much time, money, and energy on something as fleeting as beauty; but you can also bet your sweet hiney that you’d have to work pretty darn hard to get me away from my 45 minute bedtime routine. I just hope fourty-year-old Angelica appreciates all the work I do for her.

If skincare isn’t your jam, don’t worry; makeup is basically the coolest and most widely accepted form of wizardry known to man. You can turn your boring, “I don’t care about my life anymore” face into that of a prepubescent child with just a touch of blush and a bold brow.  

Pro Tip: If you ever want to dip out of work early, just head in makeup-free and wait for your colleagues to ask if you’ve fallen terminally ill overnight. Home by lunch time? Yes, please!

In this blog, not only will I share my personal holy grail products, but also I’ll show you the best marketing campaigns that went way past “this product will change your life,” because let’s face it, there ain’t a concealer in the world that can cover up this hot mess express.

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