Milk Makeup Cooling Water Eye Patches

Do you ever wake up with sad, sleepy eyeballs that slightly resemble those of a raccoon? Of course you do.

Do you think that look works for you? Of course you don’t.

Know what is cute though? Bright and hydrated eyes that could potentially fool your co-workers into thinking that you got eight whole entire hours of sleep last night. I mean I don’t have anything like that to share with you today, but if you hear of something, I’m all ears!

What I do know, is that the new Milk Makeup Cooling Water Eye Patches sound like a match made in heaven if you’re a self proclaimed “extremely busy person” like myself.

These patches are different from other under eye masks that I’ve used in the past. They have more of a gel consistency which are “infused with caffeine to support microcirculation” and “formulated with natural seawater, aloe, and lavender to calm and hydrate the under-eye skin.” The gel also provides an overwhelming cooling effect that I didn’t expect.

Pro-Tip: If you throw these masks in the fridge before application, you’ll amplify the cooling effect!

Milk Makeup Cooling Water Eye Patches

Although these patches didn’t remove any signs of aging or anything revolutionary like that, they did some hydrating and de-puffing my under-eyes with essentially no mess to clean up afterwards like your typical face mask.

I would recommend these eye patches if you’re getting ready for a big event and want to give yourself a little extra boost or if you just didn’t get quite enough sleep that night. They’re nothing life-changing by any means and for the price point ($22 for 6 pairs), I definitely have other eye masks that I prefer, but they’re fun and easy and do provide some benefit.

Let me know what your favorite face masks are in the comment section below. Always looking to test out new favorites!

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