Urban Decay Liquid Metal Eyeliner

Have you been on the hunt for that one thing that will push your makeup over the edge? Are you a princess at heart? Do you love all things glitter?

Well do I have an oldie but goodie for you.

Urban Decay’s Liquid Metal Eyeliner is nothing new to the beauty community. They’ve been around for close to a million years at this point, but every time I reach for them, I’m reminded of just how awesome they are.

They have a “buildable, water-based [formula] that contains superfine glitter in a clear base” which makes it the perfect addition to any look regardless of where it falls on the natural to glam scale.

While I don’t love all the colors equally, there are some real gems in this collection. Personally, I own the shades Distortion, Glam Rock, Midnight Cowboy, and Calcall.

Distortion is hands down my favorite shade. It contains a unique iridescent glitter throughout that can give the most neutral look strong alien vibes and make jewel tones really pop.

Glam Rock is the most surprising shade in the collection. Each time I wear it, I’m surprised at the density with which it’s packed with the silver glitters. In the other shades, you can see the base peak through just slightly, but this shade comes off as straight glitter. Fantastic to accompany all cool tones and looks great around the holidays.

Midnight Cowboy is probably the most versatile shade in the collection because you can add just a pop of gold glitters to a neutral shade or completely transform a matte smokey eye. This shade is quite dense with glitter as well.

The last shade I’ve tried is Catcall, which unfortunately is my least favorite of the four as it seemed the one I’d be able to use the most casually. This rich pink shade needs some work to build up, whereas the others are pretty opaque with one swipe. This one is also a bit more muted in impact when compared to the others.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a beautiful color and can provide just as interesting as an effect, it just requires a bit more work.

The only not-so-awesome part of this line is the expiration date. These eyeliners are only meant to last for six months after opening, which makes it difficult to go through more than one at a time. Before I was into makeup, I used one of these for years. Although I wouldn’t recommend doing that by any means, it was never an issue for me as long as I kept it away from my waterline.
If you think you’d be able to incorporate one of these bad boys into your routine semi-frequently or if you’re going for a specific look, I think these are a great way to work in a pop of glitter and in my opinion are much easier to work with than the Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadows.

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