Maui Moisture Body Care

I am a self-care diva by definition. I am always up to try new body wash, lotion, perfume, bubble bath, etc. Anything that makes you squeaky clean and smelling fresh is my jam.

I picked up a two pack of the Maui Moisture Body Care in both Volcanic Ash and Shea Butter sometime around Christmas and have finally completed both scents. Essentially, the line uses a mega hydrating formula that’s supposed to quench, soften, and renew silky skin.

My biggest issue with all body wash is self-inflicted. I don’t like to use a shaving cream, so I’ll just shave using whatever body wash I have available. This give me unreasonably high expectations for creaminess and latherability (is that even a real word?) from all products.

This body wash, admittedly, is one of my favorites that I’ve used, but is by no means everything I want it to be. It smells delicious, my skin does feel decently soft and hydrated, but the creaminess of the formula leaves me wanting more.

If I re-apply more product right before shaving then it’ll be fine, but the lather does die out rather quickly which is always frustrating. I have found that mixing in some warm coconut oil will help extend the longevity and will allow me to get a nice close shave, but this product does struggle on its own.

Granted, this body wash doesn’t claim to be able to be used to shave, so I’m not holding this struggle against it. Overall, it’s a really nice product that, like I said, smells lovely and does provide some moisture. You’re not going to be able to hop out of the shower and jump into bed, you’ll still need to apply lotion for that moisturization to last, but it’ll do the job in the shower.

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