Lush Spring Collection

If you’re one of those people who says things like “I don’t take baths” or “you’re just sitting in your dirty water” then you can just wait until the next blog post because this one ain’t for you, honey.

If you’re a sensible being who recognizes bubble baths as more of a luxury than a necessity of daily life, then you’re in the right place and boy oh boy do I have a treat for you.

Recently Lush launched 50 new limited edition bath bombs to their line to commemorate the 50th anniversary to one of their best selling products, and you know your girl swooped in to help them celebrate with a haul.

Now let me be clear, I am not by any means insinuating that Lush is an inexpensive brand. Yes, their bath bombs are typically less than $10 and they’re beautiful and treat yourself and all that fun stuff, but please try to remember that this is a one time use product. So this is my fair warning to you, do not get sucked into cute packaging, the intoxicating fragrance, and the “it’s only $10” mentality. $10 x 10 bath bombs will add up pretty quickly and you’re going to use up that entire $10 bath bomb in less time that it takes to heat up a Digiorno’s pizza.

Now, if you’ll allow me to get off my soap box, let me tell you about the most recent time I got carried away at Lush.

I picked up four (only four – I’m getting better!) bath bombs the last time I was in my happy place: Yog Nog, Marshmallow World, Black Rose, and Magma.

Enjoy a spicy gingerbread bath with this sweet limited edition bath bomb. This beautiful bath ball carries the same burnt caramel scent as our seasonal fave Yog Nog Bubble Bar, now with a blast of extra fizzy fun. Hydrating cocoa and shea butters keep winter skin soft and supple, while spicy clove and floral ylang ylang combine to create its familiar festive aroma—keeping you bakery-fresh all season long.

This bomb creates a neon pukey yellow green bath that made all of my alien fantasies come true. If you haven’t picked up on this yet, I’m a sucker for the sweet scents. The promise of a caramel dream was just too enticing to pass up. And honestly, if you’re not looking to be “bakery-fresh” I just don’t know if we can be friends.

Indulge in this limited edition candied treat that smells good enough to eat. Made a scent similar to the bestselling American Cream Conditioner, this fragrant fizzy bomb features the fragrance of soft, sweet vanilla, real marshmallow powder and just a hint of soothing lavender to give you a sense of complete confectionery calm. The bath ball itself is a riot of pink, purple, white and yellow that melts down into a creamy bubblegum hue. It’s all your candy shop dreams come true.

Yeah yeah, so I have a type; sue me. Sweet vanilla, real marshmallow powder, creamy bubblegum, candyshop dreams? If you can escape the yeast infection waiting to happen, this sounds like the bubble bath straight from heaven.

When two ingredients really love each other, they come together to make a scent so intoxicating, it’s nearly irresistible. Black Rose’s scintillating blend of rose and lemon oils is unleashed the moment this fizzer hits the water. As it dissolves, its deep, dark color cloaks you in delightful mystery as fair trade organic cocoa butter keeps your bath water and skin feeling soft, soothed and luxurious.

This bath bomb was the result of really cool packaging; there’s just nothing else to it. Black bath bombs make my heart skip a beat because they make me feel like Maleficent (don’t ask why, there’s really no logic behind my thoughts). Anyway, that coupled with the promise of cocoa butter had me running to the register.

Need a whole lotta lava? This ultra-spicy fizzer delivers in spades. That’s because it’s packed with tingly, tickly ingredients like ginger and mustard powders, as well as cinnamon leaf and peppermint oils and real popping candy. In short: it’ll jolt you wide awake and leaving you feeling ready to tackle anything. When you’re getting a little overwhelmed, let it all out with the little ball of energy that is Magma Bath Bomb.

Fun fact, I also love cinnamon; reminds me of Christmas. Not Christmas day, aka the most stressful day of the year, but the spirit of Christmas that always starts to intrude on my overall Grinch mentality right after Thanksgiving. Anyway, this bath bomb is really good for when you’re not feeling well. I’ve had a cold the past few days and this bath bomb cleared that right up. Highly recommend you pick one up in time for allergy season.

All in all, I love Lush. It’s no secret. We all love Lush. If you don’t love Lush, then I commend you for making it this far and sincerely hope you’ll stick around for my next Ted Talk. For everyone else out there, grab a cool anniversary bath bomb while they’re still around; literally any of them, they’re all amazing. Just maybe try to keep it to a handful or you’ll end up spending a whole paycheck. But then again, maybe that’s just me projecting my personal problems.

Oh! And if you’re interested in my favorite classic bath bombs or a super easy and relaxing bubble bath recipe, I got you covered, babe.

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