Your Summertime Pop of Color

You know what makes no makeup days look like you actually tried? A bold lip. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you.

I hiked Mt. Palomar with my dad which means, you guessed it, no makeup. And you know I didn’t wear makeup? Because sweating with makeup on clogs your pores and literally no one wants that. HOWEVER, I’ll always make an exception for a good lip.

Yes, of course you can do real no makeup days in which you just live your life as one of those low maintenance dreamboats that knows they look gorgeous regardless, but honey that just ain’t me. Anyway, my typical rule of no makeup days is brows, lashes, and lips; always be sure to frame your face and you’re golden.

In the summertime, I’m usually feeling myself a little more than in the dreery hoodie months of winter and I like to show off a little with a pop of color on the lips. My go-to recently has been Milk Makeup’s Demi-Matte Lip Color in the shade Name Drop. It is the perfect red-orange that looks fabulous with absolutely everything.

This formula is packed with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil and mango seed butter which help protect your smile against the summer sunshine. It is a traditional bullet lipstick with a satin-like finish so you’ll have to reapply throughout the day, but it’s a nice smooth and creamy formula so it won’t give you any troubles when you get to tough up time.

Now, I love the classic glam of a red lip but I know this look can be intimidating for some who don’t rock it often and even more so when I’m preaching about wearing it on a no makeup day.

Pro Tip: First of all, you wear the makeup, the makeup doesn’t wear you. You, yes YOU, are stunning and there isn’t a lipstick on this planet too intimidating for you, so face the world with whatever color makes you feel happy and confident. Second, is to remember that more often than not, it’s not that your makeup doesn’t look good on you, it’s that you’re not used to how it looks on your specific face. So if you are trying to build up the confidence to rock a new look, try wearing it around the house a few times before taking on the great outdoors.

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