Blue Light Glasses – Worth the Hype?

Okay I’ll make this quick. 

Do you get headaches from looking at a computer all day? Of course you do. 

Do you want to mess up your eyeballs because you work a desk job? Of course you don’t.

Know what can fix both those problems? 

Blue light glasses. 

Look, I work in marketing. Know what 8 hours of my day consists of? Computers.

I’m also a millennial, which means I spend another 8 hours vegging out with my iPhone. 

That, my friends, is an extraordinary amount of blue light consumption in one day. 

Do yourself a favor, snag yourself a pair of blue light glasses. Not gonna lie, it took me a minute to get in the groove of wearing them every day but they’ve truly made all the difference in the world. I don’t feel like I’m straining my eyes and I don’t have gnarly headaches by the end of the day. 

Plus, I look super cute when I wear them. Don’t even try to deny it. 

My favorite blue light glasses are from Diff Eyewear. Sorry friends, not cool enough for a code *yet* but please don’t let that stop you from investing in your bad self. Mine are in the style Lola which is like so last season, so you’ll have to choose from their current selection (personally love the Bella style!). 

If Diff is a little out of your price range, totally get it. You can also find a sweet selection on Amazon. And don’t forget to tag your girl @AgeOfAngelica on Instagram. ✌

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