Mikawaya Mochi Ice Cream

Mikawaya Cookies and Cream Mochi Ice Cream Box

Do you remember when Panda Express sold mochi ice cream? I think they had mango, green tea, and…was it strawberry? Chocolate?

Anyway, my one and only experience with mochi ice cream was like eight years ago I splurged with my high school allowance and bought myself a mango mochi ice cream from Panda Express. The experience went something like this:

Me: “Cousin, should I buy this mochi ice cream?”
Cousin: “I literally don’t care at all what you do with your life, Angelica.”
Me: **proceeds to buy mango mochi ice cream**
Me 10 Minutes Later: **Spits out mango mochi ice cream and vows to never put myself through that cruel and unusual punishment again**
**end scene **

Alright, so I was a teenager at the time – my palette was attracted to chicken strips and McFlurries, so what did I know. Maybe those suckers were delicious, but I was fully convinced that mochi in all forms was a death sentence and I’ve gone all this time believing so.

Until now when this weird new craze started sweeping the nation and I literally see mochi ice cream and freaking macaroons everywhere.

So, as a reasonable adult, I decided to give them another try.

On a recent trip to Seafood City, I was walking past the freezer aisle when I noticed a wall of mochi ice cream and I felt a sudden overwhelming urge to purchase one. They must have had 15 different flavors of Mikawaya mochi ice cream and I was actually drawn to a lot of them, but with my history of distaste, I reeled myself in and purchased only the cookies and cream flavor. And thus, our journey begins.

Pay Up or Pass?

I have a lot of feelings about this mochi ice cream. Most of them good, but one complaint in particular.

To begin with the good:

Cookies and Cream Mochi Ice Cream

The overall texture of the dough was fantastic! I remember specifically not liking the gooeyness of the dough the first time I tried mochi, so this was the most surprising revelation.

I liked the sweetness of the dough combined with the sweetness of the ice cream. Yes, this is an incredibly sugary dessert, but the varying sweetness really complimented each other.

To add onto that sugar high, each piece is also coated in powdered sugar. Again, this was tasty but I almost wish that they had left off the sugar so that I could eat more of them. This felt a bit like overkill to me – at least for this particular brand of mochi. Still delicious though, don’t get me wrong.

Finally, my complaint: there were no cookies in the “cookies and cream” ice cream! What the heck! Everything was so perfect but I was just waiting and waiting to get a little crunchy bite and nothing. Not a single one. I was pretty bummed, but don’t you worry because I still ate them.

To say that I was pleasantly surprised by these would be an understatement. Are they my new favorite dessert? No. But will I pick up a new flavor now and then when I see them in stores? Absolutely.

Cookies and Cream Mochi Ice Cream Pay Up or Pass: PAY UP

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