NEW Trader Joe’s Corn Cookies **Easy**

Corn Cookies

Are you looking for like a gorgeous, easy summer treat to impress all your pals from a cute, socially-distanced six feet away? Well honey, do I have just the recipe for you! Today, we’re testing out the brand-spanking-new Trader Joe’s Corn Cookies.

Corn Cookie Mix

Don’t know what corn cookies are?
That’s okay. Neither did I until this week!

But let me tell you, they are a👏ma👏zing. Think cornbread meets sugar cookie and you’re basically there.

Before I made these super quick (like 30 minutes tops because who has time for more than that, amiright???) cookies, I was very concerned that they were not going to be the sweet treat that I was so desperately craving. I was really worried that they’d taste more like something that should be eaten along the main course as opposed to a tasty dessert post-meal. But boy was I wrong!

These bad boys came out tasting like the real deal. They’re delicious, moist sugar cookies with the added body and texture of corn. I know, this probably sounds super weird because I really wasn’t immediately sold either, but you gotta trust, my guy. They’re amazing.

Plus with that extra hearty corn flavor, they’re the perfect cap to BBQs, summer cookouts, drive in movie nights, or snuggling your pup on the couch. I’m not kidding, these are a new favorite summertime treat and at only $2.99 per mix at Trader Joe’s, it’s really a can’t miss in my humble opinion.

In addition to being incredibly affordable, quick to make, and scrum-diddly-umptious, they also only require two ingredients that I guarantee you already have in your house if you do any cooking / baking at all. If you’ve got two sticks of unsalted butter and one hunky egg lying around, well then gosh darn it, go make yourself some yummy corn cookies!

Trader Joe’s Corn Cookies Pay Up or Pass: PAY UP

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